Angstrom TruForge Kft.

The Angstrom Truforge Kft. is based in the town of Eger, approximately 110km from Budapest, Hungary. The location was acquired by Angstrom Automotive Group in January 2019.

Angstrom TruForge Kft. started production as an automotive supplier in Eger in May 2000. The main activity of our factory is die forging. Our company works as a significant supplier partner on the market of trucks, public transport vehicles, passenger cars and agricultural machinery. We manufacture our products withclosed die-forging, using state-of-art design methods, in custom-designed mass production and tailored to the needs of customers. Our motto is value creation because die forging is the result of engineering work with high added value. We are proud that the whole process of value creation happens in our own factory.

The operating facility is equipped with 5 forging press lines with 1800 to 3000 tonne capabilities, performing also heat treatment, shot blasting and machining operations.

In addition to the special technology, occupational safety and health play an important role at our company and we place great emphasis on meeting the quality standards completely and serving our customers' need at a high standard.

As a factory of Angstrom in Eger we create new opportunities for the Group to produce carbon and alloy steel products using die forging technology and to develop on the automotive supplier market which spans continents.

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