Steering Linkage Assemblies
Steering Linkage Assemblies
Steering Linkage Assemblies
Steering Linkage Assemblies

Steering Assemblies


Steering Column Components

Angstrom Aluminum Castings produces high quality steering column components through fully automated high pressure die casting cells. With the ability to cast, precision machine and assemble; these safety critical steering column components are engineered to exacting standards.

  • Aluminum High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC)
    • Vacuum Enhanced HPDC
    • In House Spectrometer
    • Gas Sampling – Stahl Testing
    • K-mold –Inclusion Testing
    • X-Ray Testing
  • Precision Machining
    • Non Ferrous Products
    • CNC Machining Centers
  • High Pressure Parts Wash
  • Component Assembly
  • Leak Testing Capability

Hydraulic Steering Sleeves

High volume Control sleeve with demonstrated capacity of 30,000pcs per day including 8 different part families.

  • Highly accurate positional hole slot interface.
  • Bore dimensional capabilities of 1 micron cylindricity and 5 micron size through Diamond Bore Finishing.

Steering, Input and Pump Shafts

Automotive Electronic and Hydraulic Steel Shafts for steering, transmission and starters.

  • Demonstrated capacity of 15,000pcs per day.
  • Furnace and Induction Heat Treated.
  • Through feed and infeed grinding.
  • Superfishing; through feed , infeed and external diameters including zero lead for leak control.
  • Advanced Tp surface modification for direct bearing contact ability.
  • Tolerances of 1 micron cylindricity and 10 micron diametrical capabilities.
  • Special internal broach application for electronic steering for radial control.
  • Spline rolling to various classes.

Steering Linkage Assemblies
Hydraulic Steering Sleeves
Steering, Input and Pump Shafts

Manufacturing Processes

  • Hot Forging
  • Cold Impacting
  • Broaching
  • Precision Machining
  • High Volume Assembly
  • Precision Assembly


  • Prototype
  • Simulation
  • Testing

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